Achievement Scheme Annual Awards

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These annual awards, which will be presented at the BMFA Annual Awards Dinner, are for those who engage in the scheme, i.e. successful ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ & BPC candidates, as well as the examiners and instructors who help deliver it. Basically, anyone who makes a significant contribution, or is notable in their participation, is eligible.

There will be one award each year for ‘Long Term and or Exceptional Service’ and four further awards of Achievement Scheme ‘Certificate of Merit’. The Certificate of Merit awards are for either service to and or promotion of the achievement scheme. Alternatively, to a successful test candidate who has displayed outstanding attitude, determination, diligence and or performance in the lead up to and or during a test. Where the nomination is based on being a successful candidate the nomination must be received within 12 months of the test being passed.

To be eligible for these awards, the nominee must be one or more of the following;

  • A successful test candidate at ‘A’ or BPC level
  • A successful test candidate at ‘B’ or ‘C’ level
  • A Club examiner or instructor (including Approved and Qualified instructors)
  • An Area Chief examiner or Instructor, or Area AS Co-ordinator

Nominations for the above may only be submitted by; Area committees, Affiliated clubs, Examiners or Approved/Qualified Instructors. 

When allocating awards, the ASRC will assign equal priority to all of the above categories, with the aim of awarding a certificate to each category, wherever possible, but within the constraints of the nominations received.

The nomination deadline is 30th September.

Serving members of the ASRC and the Scheme Controller(s) are NOT eligible for these awards, the awards are about grass roots members!

Having decided that someone is worthy of recognition, carefully research the nominee's achievements and be specific and objective when compiling the citation. There is no set format for the drafting of a compelling citation, but refer to the above categories and try to use simple sentences that summarises why the nominee should receive an award, and then expand on those reasons. Tell the reader what the nominee has personally achieved and, if appropriate, what the benefits are to the BMFA and the Achievement Scheme, past, present and future.

Consider including details such as how challenging the work/ task/project has been. You should aim to make it clear why this person has succeeded when his or her peers might not have done. Include the personal qualities that the nominee brought to the task to achieve its success. Finally, and crucially, avoid the temptation to pad out the citation with unnecessary superlatives. Stick to the facts and concentrate on describing how the nominee has excelled and demonstrated service worthy of recognition. Maximum citation length is 450 words.

The closing date for receipt of nominations is 30th September.

You can also download a pdf version here to complete and post to 

Achievement Scheme Awards FAO ASRC
BMFA, Chacksfield House,
31 St Andrew's Road,
Leicester, LE2 8RE.


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