Scale C Examiners Training Day 22nd September @ BMFA Buckminster

As many will be  aware, the Achievement Scheme Review Committee (ASRC) have been trying to organise a training day for examiners for the Scale ‘C’ test.

The date for the training has now been set for 22nd September, and will take place at BMFA Buckminster.

The intention of the ‘training’ it to provide examiners with an insight into what is required when assessing the scale manoeuvres in the test, and also, critically, an assessment of the ‘suitability’ of the model the candidate intends to use.

All of this is important, as the philosophy behind the Scale ‘C’ test is fundamentally different to any other achievement scheme test, and hence the need for examiners to have a good understanding on what is required, in order to conduct an appropriate test.

The day will be hosted by myself and members of the ASRC, but there will also be a number of experienced scale judges on hand to guide us. Attendance will effectively help us to compile a list of Scale ‘C’ experienced examiners.

Please note – Places are limited for this workshop and priority will be given to Area Chief Examiners then Club Examiners. We can only guarantee places for Area Chief Examiners.

If you would like to attend, and in order to help us organise the day effectively, we would grateful if you would pre-register for the event by completing the form at the link below

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Duncan McClure,
Achievement Scheme Controller

BMFA Achievements