Preparing for and passing the fixed wing power BMFA “B” certificate.

Current Achievement Scheme Review Committee member and long time BMFA examiner Andy Ellison penned an excellent series of articles for RCM&E Magazine which were published during 2008. The articles give an in-depth look at preparing for and hopefully successfully passing your Fixed Wing Power B certificate.

With kind permission of David Ashby, RCM&E editor, and Andy Ellison we are pleased to be able to publish the articles here. While the articles are now over 10 years old the B test has changed little in that time and the articles remain an excellent source of information for prospective candidates.

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Part 1:- Andy discusses the remit of the B test, the schedule and model choice.

Part 2:- Andy prepares the prospective ‘B’ Certificate candidate for flight readiness

Part 3:- Andy gets you in to the air and considers the figure of eight and the inside loop.

Part 4:- From loop to bunt – Andy continues his guide to passing the ‘B’ certificate

Part 5:- Up into the stall turn and beyond, Andy rips some more notes from his guide to passing the ‘B’ certificate

Part 6:- Aerobatics out of the way, Andy lines up the perfect landing approach in the quest for a ‘B’ certificate

Part 7:- Ready yourself, it’s question time! Andy concludes his ‘B’ certificate teach-in



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