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Notice to Examiners – Achievement Scheme News

This note is intended as an aide memoir for Examiners, and details some of the recent changes and developments within the scheme.

There is now a dedicated Achievement Scheme Handbook

The Handbook can be viewed and downloaded from :-

It is strongly recommend that all examiners, instructors and anyone with an interest in the scheme subscribe to this website. This only requires registering your e-mail address, and doing so means you will automatically receive email notifications of any scheme updates.

This website contains all of the 2016 test standards and guidance booklets.

New Achievements.

Basic Proficiency Certificates (BPC) have been introduced for Fixed Wing Power, Helicopters and Multi-rotors. The test for these is exactly the same as for the corresponding ‘A’ certificate and details are provided in the relevant standards booklet.

Whether the candidate takes a BPC or an ‘A’ cert depends entirely on what model they present with for the test – see handbook and standards booklets for further guidance on this.

Mandatory Questions

It is now a requirement of all tests (excluding ‘C’ tests) that candidates must answer correctly 5 questions taken from the list of mandatory questions based on legal aspects of model aircraft flying.

The CAA has indicated that they consider this initiative to be “a very good idea”.

Whilst the requirement to answer these specific questions is new, all the questions on the list are questions that could previously have been asked as part of the tests, so candidates are not expected to learn anything new that they shouldn’t already know.

The examiner should only ask 5 questions, and if the candidate does not know the answer to any question, the test must be considered as a fail – If the candidate cannot answer these questions, how can they be sure they can lawfully conduct a flight ? However, it is important that examiners select questions that are appropriate to the test being taken.

Please indicate on the test form which questions you asked the candidate.

This website and standards booklets contain an appendix which lists all 20 questions along with the correct answers

Test Forms

New test forms for ‘A’ and ‘B’ tests have been generated that have a section for you to enter the number of the mandatory questions that you ask. However, you should continue to use your existing test forms until you run out and record the mandatory questions that you ask by writing the question numbers on the back of the form.

The test form for the Basic Proficiency certificates is available to download from this website, or from the office on request, and is a different format to the current ‘A’ and ‘B’ test forms.

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