Achievement Scheme Awards 2019

Do you know an examiner or instructor who has gone that extra mile this year? Maybe they have worked hard at promoting the scheme within your club, or perhaps they have toiled long and hard to get a pupil up to the required standard?

Alternatively, they could be a pupil who has done the same, having persevered for some time in order to achieve their goal, or maybe they put in a stellar performed on their test?

If you know someone like this, then why not nominate them for an achievement scheme award. It’s easy to do and brings recognition to those who have worked hard to improve things within our sport.

There are five awards awarded each year, one is the BMFA Achievement Scheme ‘Long Term / Exceptional Service’ award, which as the name suggests, is awarded to a member for ‘long term or exceptional services to, and or promotion of’ the Achievement Scheme. There are also a further four awards of the Achievement Scheme ‘Certificate of Merit’. These are awarded to members for either service to and or promotion of the achievement scheme, or to a successful test candidate who has displayed outstanding attitude, determination, diligence and or performance in the lead up to and or during a test.

Full details of how to nominate someone can be found on the scheme website under the ‘News’ tab. The August 31st deadline will be on us sooner than we think, so why not nominate someone today.

Nomination Form

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